Sumanahalli Community

Life is a journey:

Sumanahalli society established in the year 1977 with the vision of giving life to the lifeless specially the persons affected by Leprosy, we educate, treat and rehabilitate them by removing the stigma and empowering them by sending back to the society with dignity and honor. The archbishop of Bangalore invited our sisters to work in sumanahalli through Dr. Salafia and the Mount fort Fr. Michel Angelo was the director.  The sisters accepted invitation to serve the Leprosy patients since it was our charism. The names of the pioneer sisters were Sr. Gloria Matthew, Sr. Carmen Martin and Sr, Asunta Herero, to carry out the mission in sumanahalli.


"We the FSI inspired by the Charism of our Foundress, to work for the  people affected by leprosy and disabled, instill in them confidence and opportunity, to thus to promote the development of the socially deprived and marginalized people."


"Creating a sense of human dignity in the society, by providing, devoting, dedicated and humanitarian service to the Leprosy affected and disabled."


"Love, concern, Availiability, Dedication, patience, prayer life, Disponibility, service minded, listening, Understanding ,Forgiveness, Acceptance." 


Organizational chart:


Governing Body (CMF, FSI, SJD, MFF/MFS)
Chairman (Arch Bishop)
Director (CMF)
Medical Administration (CMF) Rehabilitation
Coordinator (FSI) Office Manager (FSI) head of Departments
Doctor Accountant (FSI) MSW/ Counselors
Nurses (FSI) Office Secretary Trainers
Paramedical Staff Residential Supervisor Trainees
Physio Technician Com Operator (Clerk) Workers
Lab Technician (FSI) Drivers Other Supportive Staff
Social Workers Attenders Ave maria
Shoe Makers/ Class IV Workers In charge (FSI)
Ortho Technicians
Ward Boys/ Ward Attenders
Other Supportive Staff (FSI)
Other Supportive Staff

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