"Come and see" Jesus answered. So, they went with him and saw where he lived, and spent the rest of the day with him". John 1: 39

Description of the stage:

Postulancy is the stage of equipping and deepening of the candidate to continue the process of self awareness and acceptance, living in community and to form integrally in order to clarify her  motives , to challenge them to follow Jesus and option for good.

General Objective:

  • To achieve the knowledge of the Congregation, to realize gradually the integration in the life of the fraternity and to discern her vocation, preparing her to experience the life in the Novitiate.

Specific Objective:

  • To discover and accept her limitations and personal capacities and of the others
  • To be able to overcome and to strengthen so that she can grow in the attitude of solidarity, co-responsibility and commitment.

Requirements for the admission to Novitiate:

  • the formee should achieve the objective and programme of the Postulantship period to initiate the Novitiate
  • The candidate should solicit freely to the Major Superior the admission to the Novitiate period. She should make a free and responsible choice with regard to her vocation.
  • Age limit: 18 years


No less than one year and no superior to two years. The goals of Postulancy programme are to help the candidate to understand better the nature of this specific vocation.

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