Khandwa Community

Life of the sisters in the Community:

Our prime vocation is fraternity; we want to manifest it by being united in our words and actions as members of one family, imitating the unity of the Trinity. As we live in fraternity we respect and trust the value of each sister with unity, happiness and mutual love.


"We commit ourselves to live authentically the Charism of M. Francisca and the Franciscan ideals of simplicity, joy, peace and joy"


"Encountering Christ in the breaking  of bread and in the daily events of our lives, we respond to our prophetic call and commit ourselves to live the radicalism of the Gospel to foster communion of all people and promote life by right relationship."


     "Commitment, Zeal, Sacrifice, Joy, Love, Compassion,Service"

Organizational chart:

St. Francis school belongs to the diocese of Khandwa Managed by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate as principle and teachers

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