Kerala Community

Life of the sisters in the Community:

We experience the presence of God in our life through our spiritual activities like daily meditation, recollection, Eucharist, community and personal prayer, reconciliation. Community celebrations helped us to share our joy and helping hand to celebrate the gift of life. it gives us an opportunity to share and to listen to one another.We collaborate in the mission with other religious congregation and to spread the Charism of our Congregation.There is  zeal , commitment and dedication, and we believe our involvement and initiative makes lot of difference in the life of the people


"We become bearers of good news by committing ourselves truly to the Charism of FSI and witness as minor as Franciscan, to support the church to withstand. Bring freedom and liberation in the society."


"Jesus Christ is the centre of our life; we do daily live in constant awareness of His presence. As Jesus Himself is a great visionary, we are nourished by His Body, Blood and word. We commit ourselves to be rooted in the Gospel"


     "Respect, Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Dedication, Commitment, Knowledge, Wisdom, Discipline, Positive thinking. Healthy competition among students."

Organizational chart:

St.Mary’s English Medium School runs by CFIC religious Congregation.It has it’s management Committee: Manager, Principal, Administrator, and Office Staff, Teaching Staff and Non Teaching Staff.We 3 Sisters namely, Anita, Zeneath and Arogya rendering our service as teaching Staff.


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