Jerome Home Community

Life of the sisters in the Community:

We experience personal encounter with God through our community Prayer, Eucharist celebration, Rosary, Meditation, Every Friday Adoration, Word of God, spiritual reading, reconciliation and other spiritual activities.

Fraternity is our first vocation. It’s a gift that fills us with joy and gratitude, we  experience the joy of living together as one family.
Even though having differences, we able to accept and adjust with each other by loving and caring, fraternal correction. share our Responsibility which is given to us.We experience the love, mutual understanding help and co-operation from each sister.
We are becoming a living witness among the other religion  in the society.Good rapport with the neighbour and the surrounding people. We impart Christian values in the society.  

The life of the sisters in the community:

  • Experience the love of Triune God in our daily life through our community prayer, daily meditations, adoration, rosary, personal prayer and other spiritual activities
  • Experience the sense of belonging, support, acceptance, love, fraternal correction and available for each one in our fraternal life.
  • Our presence is felt by the diocese and the surrounding people to bring qualitative education for the children. It makes difference in the lives of the people, because of our simplicity and special concern towards poor and the needy.
  • We give our valuable time to listen to them by giving our suggestion and sympathizing with them in their problems.



"We want to live our Charism in our mission by being bearers of God's love to the humanity."


"We want to Radiant the living presence of God's loveand mercy through our services to destitute aged women abandoned by the family and being available to the need of the church and society."


     "love and care, compassion,concern,support,kindness,listening, patience and Joy."

Organizational chart:

The Home is under the society of Vincent dePaul.Managed by Franciscan sisters of the Immaculate. The sisters attends to the physical/material and spiritual needs of the inmates of Jerome Home.


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