First Stage: ASPIRANTS

Lord where do you live? (Jn 1: 38)

Description of the stage:

The aspirant ship   is a stage of initiation and awareness in which the candidate residing in the community, questioning their personal and Christian life, their social relationships, their desire to follow Jesus, the motivations of your choice and your desire to opt for the religious life of Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.

General Objective:

To accompany the aspirants to discover God's plan for her life, deepen her baptismal commitment and guiding her in the process of discernment of her vocation.

Eligibility: Minimum 10th Pass, and any higher studies


The aspirant ship period has the following process

  • First stage: Period of discernment of her vocation and selection by a team.
  • Second Stage: Period of a deeper discernment and understanding of the candidate's vocation in order to promote her to Pre-Novitiate or further studies (PUC or equivalent). All the self awareness and acceptance, living in the community and integrating.

Specific goals are:

  • Deepening of one's love for the person, vision and mission of Christ
  • Strengthening one's identity as FSI candidate
  • Internalization of the values of sisterhood
  • Integration of academic studies into one's life as a FSI candidate, and a reflection of the socio-political realities in one's surroundings
  • to enable the candidate to accept herself as an adult and to give and receive love
  • Deepening one's dedication to the mission of Christ in and through FSI
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