"The renewal is a requirement of our life,

because the Word of God and the signs of the times

 constantly challenge us and ask us for an ongoing conversion”. (GGCC 125)

Description of the stage:

"After final profession continues the learning process that leads to fullness it started in the early stages, because "our formation is continuous and ongoing" (GGCC 115). This makes the sisters look at the comprehensive formation plan to help the overall growth.

General objective:

The overall objective of the ongoing formation is to help the sisters to live their consecration to God in the following of Christ, in progressive identification with Him, becoming responsible for own learning process as a faithful response to the covenant between God and the person who are called, in the light of the Word, the charism of the Congregation.

Specific Objectives:

  • To become person of inner freedom and integrity being signs of harmony and wholeness
  • To incarnate our charism in the Indian culture for relevant response
  • To make our communities vibrant cells of life and mission
  • To participate actively and contribute to the life and renewal of the church