School History

Origin of the School

Every school comes into existence with a great sense of mission and vision. During that period, not only is the founder, dear to the members but also the goal that are set before them is coming generation.

In the early wake of 1953, the English-speaking military personal in Aurangabad began increasing considerably.A felt need arose the authorities, approached the Sisters of the Cross--Chavanod, to tutor their children in English.

Later, they thought better of, and approached Rev Fr. Joseph Bansode a priest of the Diocese of Amravati & placed their request before him to open an English medium school. Fr Bansode forwarded the request to the Archbishop of Nagpur Archdiocese, Most Rev. Eugene D’souza who approved the proposal with pleasure. This under the able leadership of Fr. Bansode, in the year 1953 the little flower School was born in the military officer’s club premises.

In the year 1956, the foundation of the new building of the Little Flower School was laid in the cantonment area and the school saw the new  day dawn , under the wise supervision of Rev Fr. M.T Thomas m.sfs. Then Vicar General of Amravati Diocese
On 17th December 1977: Established as Diocese of Aurangabad from the Diocese of Amravati and the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Hyderabad. There are 15 high schools in the Aurangabad Diocese and little flower school is one of the prestigious and well reputed school.

Just as from a tiny acorn grows a mighty oak ‘s so has L.F.S

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