School Activities & Events

4th August 2014 Inauguration of New House

The Lord has blessed His house with abundant graces. The Holy Eucharist was précised by Lordship Bishop Edwin Colaco and con-celebrated with many diocese and religious priests. The Covent and Seminary were blessed by Bishop Edwin Colaco. Our Provincial Sr. Alice P.T with her Councilors Sr. Belinda and sisters from different communities of our Congregation were present for the blessing. There were other religious sisters and lay people for this function. All prayed for us and gave best wishes for our future mission

7th August We Began Our Life in New House

Life is God’s gift to us and what we do with our life is our gift to him. We the three Sisters namely Superior Sr. Sandra, Sr. Swarna and Sr. Zeneath began our life as a community with great enthusiasm trusting in the providence of God who is source of our lives. We had a creative prayer invoking the holy Trinity in our lives and in our Home.


28thAugust 2015 Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Ambrose Rebello

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. The bishop is called in a particular way to be a prophet, witness and servant of hope, and this hope, together with faith and love, must completely shape the bishop’s pastoral ministry. It was a day of grace for our Aurangabad Diocese with the valuable presence of Nuncio to ordain our Bishop Ambrose Rebello. Our Provincial Rev. Sr. Alice PT along with her councilor Sr. Belinda and with the other sisters and the community sisters were present to witness this great occasion of Grace. Our hearts were filled with joy to be part of the great event of the Diocese.

4th October Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. A graceful mass was celebrated by our Bishop Ambrose Rebello with our Vicar General Rev. Fr. Benny Kallikat, Parish Priest and other diocesan and religious priests. Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words were the inspiring words of Bishop. Many religious sisters and Parishioners blessed us with their prayers in the Eucharistic Celebration. Assisi sisters were the important part of the celebration because we joint together and celebrated the feast of our seraphic Father St. Francis. It was a different joy we had this year.

8th April 2016 Provincial and Councilors visit to Aurangabad

No one will ever be the servant of Son without serving the mother. Provincial Rev. Sr. Alice PT along with Rev. Sr. NakshatramRamneedi visited the community to evaluate the mission experience of two years in Aurangabad Community. They listen to our sharing patiently and tried their best to understand the situation in which we have expressed. They visited the school and very happy to see the hard work done by the sisters. They appreciated and ensured us of their prayers and support.


11th August 2016 Provincial Bursar and councillor visit

Trust fully in God before the setbacks and consequences of the poverty. Rev. Sr. Kevina Rodriguez and   Rev. Sr. Belinda visited our community to revise the mission work which was given by the General Governing Body. Sr. Kevina went through all the accounts and appreciated neatness and clarity. We had meeting we both the councilors and they were very happy to be with us. They corrected certain mistakes and gave us suggestion to improve our thinking in our mission and dealing with the people. The most important thing is to give Christ values to all who come in our lives.

Handing over to New Superior Sr Kanuka M


On 10th June 2017 our hearts were filled with joy by the very presence of our councilors. Councilors Sr. Antony Mary and Sr. Belinda conducted creatively and symbolically prayer on occasion of thanking former superior Sr. Villa gracias and handing over responsibility to new superior Sr kanuka M. Also we were happy to form our new community Sr. kanuka Superior

Sr. villa and Sr. Mamata as our hearts were filled with joy we cut the cake and shared with one another. We also had short sharing in the community.

Sisters guided us for our community living and mission life.


Feast of St Francis

On 4th of October as birds were chirping at the dawn of the day, we began our day praising God for the wonder of creation and specially our patron saint St Francis.

The joy doubled as we Francis family celebrated the feast of St Francis as one Franciscan family. Joining together Capuchin Father, Assisi Sisters, FSI sisters.  We had meaningful Eucharistic celebration. The neighboring religious joined us for the celebration. The main celebrant for the feast was Rev Fr George Paul. During His Homily Fr. highlighted –Francis is a man peace. His concern over universal brotherhood led him to overthrow a good many barriers and he met a wide spectrum of his contemporaries: rich and the famous as well as lepers, beggars and bandits. With extraordinary simplicity he addressed himself of everybody; the magnetism of his infectious faith drew the crowd to him. After having nourished by the spiritual food we had sumptuous meals together.

The feast of St Theresa of child Jesus

Little Flower. The patroness of little flower school was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal in the School.

During the seven days of novena different virtues of St Theresa such as peace, tolerance honest relationship love and sacrifice were depicted through assembly by various classes.

Feast mass was celebrated at Sangam Auditorium at 5.30 pm. various dignitaries’, priest and sisters from various locality joined in the celebration of the mass.

The joy was doubled with cultural programme through a beautiful skit on St Theresa of child Jesus and dances and a sumptuous dinner.

16th to 19th –Visit of Mother General

We the sisters were extremely happy to welcome our Mother General Sr Aniuska Ponte Vargas and her councilor Sr Clara Tarazona Signes and our Provincial Sr Alice P.T. for their Canonical visit to Aurangabad community. They were accompanied by our sisters Sr Pauline M and Swarna M from Kandava community M.P

Their very presence in our community was indeed a joyful and remarkable. Sharing the faith reflection was enriching as each one shared their faith experience and once own vocation story. Recalling once joy of being religious and F.S.I sisters was indeed a unique cherishing experience  We were  also inspired by their moral guidance and sisterly support in our joys and difficulties in our mission .

To make this visit a memorable one we visited the cave temples of Ellora, a UNESCO world heritage site and Bibi Ka Maqbara.

To continue this joy we accompanied our sisters our neighbouring community Ambajogai. Our joy doubled as we had fraternal meal together with our sisters.

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