Parish History

The Life of the sisters in the Community:

  • We have grown in the love of God and continue to encounter the Lord in our daily prayers, Eucharist, Word of God, Rosary,Sacraments,
  • Togetherness in the community has brought lots of joy,sharingof responsibilities, accepting our personal differences and forgive one another through sharing.
  • Education being the main charisma of Mother Francisca we feel the need of our presence at this place, to impart to the students human and Christian values.
  • Sharing our knowledge with everyone equally irrespective of caste, class or religion

Social Pastrol Activities:

  • We give our time in listening and understanding their problems
  • Dealing with them in a more humane way
  • People feel at home with us, they are free to approach us
  • Visiting the families by giving moral support and by being with them in times of sickness and death.
  • Attending funeral masses.
  • Communion distribution
  • Decoration in the Church
  • Active participation in the liturgy.
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