Life at Ambajogai

Life is a journey:

We look back and cherish the memories of the past live in present paving the way for the future. On 24th May 2004 the community started in a rental house of Mrs. Lukhade at Bhaghya Nagar. Sr. Jerosa Xavier was appointed as the Superior and Sr. Gracy Fernandes and Sr. Kanuka Marneni were the community members. Initially the locals were apprehensive and suspicious about our presence but gradually the negative thought about our presence in that locality was dispelled as we started teaching in the school, visited the families and interacted with them.

We continued staying in the rented house for five years. Fr. Paul Deepak took initiative to construct the convent adjacent to the school and church. After the completion of the construction of convent, sisters moved into it. Due to ill health Fr. Paul Deepak was hospitalized but unfortunate he passed away after a few months. After his demise Fr. Benny took charge of the school as Manager of the school. He noticed that the convent did have enough rooms to accommodate sisters, foreseeing the requirements of the sisters, he built the first floor and furnished it with all the facilities for comfortable living. After the death of the Fr. Deepak, Sr. Pushpa, FSI, was appointed as the Principal of the school. Sisters continued to administer the school as Principal till 2016. On July 2016 onwards, the dioceses took over the administration of the school and at present sisters are working in the school as vice Principal and teachers.

The life of the sisters in the community:

  • Experience the love of Triune God in our daily life through our community prayer, daily meditations, adoration, rosary, personal prayer and other spiritual activities
  • Experience the sense of belonging, support, acceptance, love, fraternal correction and available for each one in our fraternal life.
  • Our presence is felt by the diocese and the surrounding people to bring qualitative education for the children. It makes difference in the lives of the people, because of our simplicity and special concern towards poor and the needy.
  • We give our valuable time to listen to them by giving our suggestion and sympathizing with them in their problems.


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