Visit to SR. Hilda  - On 16th of January 2017 Rev. sr. Hilda, the General councilor along with. Provincial sr. Alice P.T. and the councilors Sr. Anthony Mary, sr. Belinda visited the sumanahalli community as well as the mission which sisters are rendering for the downtrodden people at sumanahalli center. They arrived at 9.30 am , we community welcome them with flower bouque. It was great joy for the community to have them with us. After the refreshment they went visiting the mission.  Sr. Hilda appreciated our service, and satisfied she encouraged us to continue work for marginalized. After the Lunch we visited the ISKON temple. It was a great and remarkable day for the community.  

Fraternity day, a day of celebration that reminds us the oneness of our family. On this day the sumanahalli community had the joy of celebrating Fraternity day, the three juniors studying in FISI joined to make the community complete. We had special prayer service, praying for the entire family of FSI. The celebration added more color when we had the cutting of the cake and snacks. It was indeed a memorable day for the community. 


Christ is risen from the dead, alleluia is our song. On the eve of Easter certainly we were very happy to share the risen joy with our patients in APRIL Avemaria and the people from outside. We had the night vigil mass in Avemaria followed by the refreshments. On the day of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord we the community together had prayer service. 

MAY 2017 FAREWELL TO SR. SALLY 26 /05/2017

On a thanksgiving Holy Eucharist was celebrated to give thanks to God for the person of Sr. Sally for all her dedicated services that she rendered to sumanahalli society and especially to the community as she was asked to take a new mission in different community. A fellowship meal added more joy to the celebration where the staffs of sumanahalli society were present. That day special prayers were offered for Sr. Sally for God’s blessings on her for the new mission. 

JUNE 2017 WELCOME TO SR. JAYA. M 07/06/2017

On 7th the community was very glad to welcome a new member to the family of sumanahalli community. Sr. Jaya.M arrived on this day as a member of the community to take up the responsibility of working in the office of sumanahalli. We had special prayer service for Sr. Jaya asking God’s blessings for her mission. 

On 3rd December we had great joy to celebrate the  world Disabled day along with our patients we have gone to freedom park to participated in cultural programmes. Our youth gave the programme which was amazing.   

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