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13th may 2017

This day would go down is the memory lane of our congregation the F.S.I. for the six(6) “chosen instruments of God’s love”. Srs;-Asumpta, Gloria, Goreti, Leena, Leema, and Sinthuja perpetually committed themselves to the Lord. The holy Eucharistic was celebrated by the most Rev. Megr. Fr. C. Francis at st. Patrick’s church. The solemn mas was attended by the family members of the profaned, our neighbors, well-wishers and religious. After the mass we had a fellowship meal in the mini hall in the church campus. It was a blissful day.

12th September 2017

Nine sisters travelled to Spain Sisters, Sr. Jaya D, Angelmary, Sinthuja,Asumtha, Leena, Leema, Gloria, Sunitha and Biji, except Sr. Jaya D other went for the purpose of formation for a period of one year, according to the General Six Years Plan

25th of October

We welcomed our General Councillor, Sr.Clara,who came for the canonical visit and Sr. Alice our Provincial, Sr. Antony  Mary and Sr. Belinda the province councilors returned back after their plenary meeting in Spain. After thanks giving prayer and a small welcome we went for the day’s rest. on 28th of October we gladly  welcomed Our Mother General Sr. Anuiska Aponte .It was a great joy that God had brought her safely to India. 

6th of November

Today one more good bye to Sr. Selvi who is flying to Spain to join the Formation Programme We pray to God to accompany her along with Mother Mary on her journey.

7th of December

Oh! What a happiness, what a joy, and how everyone is busy to anitcipate the Solemnity of Immaculate Conception. We had two days celebration. 1st day we invited our neighboring families and religious priests and nuns to share our joy with Eucharistic celebration which is celebrated by Fr. Peter Mascarinas(Monfort fathers) thereafter followed by a delicious diner.

On 8th, we celebrated  with our St. Joseph girl’s   hostellers and snehanillaya children. We began our celebration with prayer service. During which explained to them about mother Mary’s conception and birth of Jesus. Our Mother General sr. Anuiska and General Councilor Sr. Clara were present.

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