School History

The Sneha Nilaya is an Orphanage run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate since 1997 with the aim of giving health care and Basic Education.  It is a Charitable organization   Our Main objective is to give them a good Education and make them responsible citizens as well as enable them to face life and their future with dignity

In the beginning From 1997 - 2003 the children lived together with the sisters. Garage was their playground and class room. The reason to start this mission was a little child named Thuranja , she was practically abandoned by her parents, leaving her to death, brought life to many others in Sneha Nilaya.  Sisters found her in her own house as a pale and tiny-weak child about to death and brought her home to be nursed.  It happened in the year around 1997.   From then onwards she practically grew up with the sisters in the convent. By seeing this need the FSI Sisters decided to open a house so as to take care of the orphan children.  People from the surrounding areas used to visit the children and the orphanage; used to help in whichever way they could!   As the number increased year by year, we continued to receive help in the form of food, stationary items, small donations, cloth , utensils, etc… from the local people.

Today, we have a group of 70 children in Sneha Nilaya both boys and girls.  And, there are children who are fully orphan, semi orphan, children of the leprosy parents, children of the alcoholics and the rag-pickers of the surrounding areas. 



  • Providing  basic needs ( shelter, food , clothing )
  • Providing of basic and vocational education
  • Physical training likeyoga, games, house hold activities.
  • spiritual ,intellectual, psychological and medical care
  • Exposing them to extracurricular activities
  • Helping them to earn their livelihood
  • Maintenance of legal documents for the children
  • Provision of guiding and counseling for the children in need
  • Supporting poor families ( food and clothing )
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational activities
  • Helping children parents for their lively hood



It started with interest and desire of our many sisters. The desire took place because of need of the society. Many students were coming to Bangalore for the studies from different states (parts) of India as well as from neighboring countries. These students were not having a protective and safe place.

Then Management of the Autonomous College approached our provincial with the plan of starting a girl’s hostel in our premises. They requested, thus their request was considered by our sisters. This added more of fuel to the desire of our sisters.

It was taken into consideration by our Provincial and the councilors Sr. Alice, Sr. Naksathra, sr. Kevina , sr. Antony Mary and sr. Belinda.  Thus born St. Joseph’s girls study house.

This hostel was officially started on 1st of June 2015. With the strength of 58 students who are studying in St. Joseph’s autonomous Arts and Science college.

Services Available:

  • Providing physical , spiritual ,psychological care
  • Teaching discipline and moral values
  • Motivating them to be a good citizen of country
  • Providing counseling to the parents of the girls
  • Source of income generating for the province maintenance
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