Parish History

We strengthen our spiritual life with daily Holy Eucharist, Meditation and Reflection, by reading daily the Word of God and contemplating, we are enlightened ourselves and it guides us to walk in the path of Christ.Fraternity is a unique gift of God, where we experience the uniqueness of each sister in the community. We live joyfully in the community through our love, concern, understanding, acceptance and solidarity with one another.In fraternal communion we grow spiritually, physically, psychologically and mentally.


  • preparation of candidates  for holistic growth
  • providing spiritual direction , counseling , retreat , faith formation  , recollection
  • integrating  them in the mission activities
  • Helping to discern their vocation
  • Helping them improve the official language  ( English )

Pastoral and social activities

  • Social pastoral  activities:
  • Distributing communion,
  • Parish Pastoral Council,
  • Animating prayer and adoration in the church,
  • Involvement in C.R.I.
  • Teaching Catechism
  • Visiting the families and praying for them and with them, in this way we give spiritual support to the families.
  • We lead the prayer with the people and want to introduce our mission and make known to the people.
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