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Jyothi Bhavan Convent History

‘St.Francis Convent School’ at Bannerghatta in Jyothi Bhavan Campus, started functioning on 16th March, in the year 2016 with the approval of the Government of Karnataka. The School has 120 children. It has a management committee with head mistress ,   8 teaching staff and 2 non teaching staff. The main purpose of the school is to build self confidence in the children and growth of a personal development of each child who enters this campus. The main motto of the School is WISDOM AND TRUTH, which enables the students to be honest and truthful in their hard work and be filled with the divine wisdom. 

  St. Francis Convent School provides the integral promotion of the person in general , towards making human beings aware of their dignity as a person and  the urgency to build up the society that respects the individual  differences, pluralism of race, religion, language and culture. We inculcate the values of peace, harmony and justice which are the basic values for being a good and disciplined human being.

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