Jyothi Bhavan Events:

1st Jan new year2017:

On 31st night at 9 p.m to 9.30 p.m we had thanksgiving adoration .we the community members  gathered around the alter, We had 1 hour prayer thanking the god for all that he has done throughout the year. The community members went to parish for New Year celebration. At9a.m we began the holy Eucharist and all of us celebrated New Year with immense joy and happiness after heating once heart .we gladly welcome the year-2017 with full of prosperity and its goodness. The day went on well and all of enjoyed the New Year

January 8th 2017:

The feast of Epiphany. It was the great day for us to celebrate the feast of Epiphany the gifts that the three kings brought to worship and adore the Lord Jesus Christ which also symbolizes our three vows. We had solemn feast celebration in the Parish, on this day our Snehanilaya children have come here to celebrate with us then the lunch was provided Mr. Peter our Parishner.  There was another event which took place on this day that is two of our candidates Clara and Pinky took their conformation in the parish. The mass was in the evening celebrated by Arch Bishop of Bangalore Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras

JAN 29-30 2017:

we had encountered was held once again in Adyatma Nilaya. This times the sisters some attended the program. About the lay moment and encounter with them. It was given by Sr. Hilda and Sr. Lucy Augustine it was indeed a wonderful program and all the sisters have enjoyed this encounter and gained more knowledge in constitution.

FEB 20th 2017:

on this sr. Alice and sr. Hilda has came to visit our community. We had nice day with them. And also we had small cultural program and follow by dinner. It was good memory for us.

FEB 27TH 2017 Fraternity day:

Feb 27th was a great day for us to celebrate   as a fraternity day. It was found by our founder mother Francisca. We had in the morning holy Eucharist and evening we had creativity prayer service in the community. We

FEB 12TH 2017:

In the morning at 6.30 pm  sr. Alice, sr.kevina, sr. Nakshatram and fr. Monsignor have come to our community.  We had nice mass celebrated by monsignor fr. Francis .follow by breakfast.

FEB 14th 2017:

on this we had nice mass celebrated by Don Bosco fr. Marana. At 6.30 am and blessing of the new alter. The Alter was donated by Mr. Peter our ward member. And it was grand mass. And follow by breakfast.

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