School Activities & Events

16-06-17 New Arrival

It’s with great joy we received the news from our Provincial Sr. Alice P.T about the changes in our community. During our summer vacation Sr. Alice informed us that Sr Fatima will join us in our community. Sr .Sanjitha accompanied Sr. Fatima from Bangalore after a spiritual revival course and home visit.  We were glad to welcome Sister Fatima as a new member to our community.

19-06-17 Re opening of the school

After a good and refreshing vacation, spiritually nourished and after the home visit we are back to the community with new hope, enthusiasm, zeal and freshness to re start and ready to continue our mission with which we are entrusted in the school and in the community as well. The school reopened on 19th June. Students and staff both teaching and non teaching were present in big number. It was a good beginning.  With hope that the good beginning has a better ending , with this positive thought we continued our mission trusting in God’s blessing , help and support.

15th August 2017Independence Day

On this day we celebrated twin feast, The Assumption of our Blessed Mother Mary who brought freedom and salvation and National festival the Independence Day. Cambridge school celebrated the spirit of Independence on the 70th year of freedom at school campus. The celebration began by hoisting the National flag followed by March Past.  The feeling of pride and Patriotism experienced at the moment of flag hoisting. We celebrated the day with great pride, enthusiasm and zest. The principal of the school Bro. Herman B Lakra addressed the students to emulate the ideals of great people who contributed to the nation’s freedom and urged to give back to the society in own little ways. On this day singing and colorful dance competitions were held House wise with the theme on Patriotism. All enjoyed the programme.  Finally with sweets in the hands and smile on the face all returned to their homes.

8th Sep 2017The Birthday of Our Blessed Mother Mary and the Feast of Our Province Our lady of Health.

It is said that God cannot be present everywhere so God created mothers.  8th September is the birthday of Mother of Jesus who is our spiritual mother gate way to reach Jesus. And for us FSI we celebrate Our Province Feast.  We are pleased to celebrate this day with great joy.  So we had nine days preparation, through the novena prayers we prayed for different communities, reflecting on different themes keeping in mind the main theme “Give me your hands let us lift the world”. We had meaningful prayer service in the morning.  In the evening we had Eucharistic celebration by our parish priest Rev. Fr. Niharanjan Paricha followed by fellowship meal. Our joy was doubled with the presence of Gabriel brothers   and assistant parish priest. The day was good.

27th Sept 2017 Youth programme

Youth are the future pillars of the church and our society.  So our Cuttack parish (Our Lady of Rosary cathedral Church Cuttack) had planned one day youth program. The theme for the program was “You are the light of the world.”Sr. Cristina Fernandes   the youth animator and assistant Parish Priest Rev. Fr Upendra worked hard in motivating the youth to come together. The day began with prayerful and meaningful Eucharistic celebration. There were 53 youth present for this program.  Different enriching talks and activities and enthusiastic and interesting games were conducted where every youth could involve in it. There were also attractive and surprise prizes to encourage the youth. It was indeed a great day. All enjoyed the day.

04th Oct 2017 the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi who followed the Gospel radically. He proclaimed the good news by expanding his love for all living and non living things of the world. He felt and experienced God in everything and in everyone. We too are inspired by his life style and we are privileged to be called Franciscans. We were glad to celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi who is our seraphic father. We shared the same joy by participating in the Eucharistic celebration and fraternal meal arranged by the sisters-- Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph at Nayabazar. The day was good with the sharing of fraternal love and happiness. In the evening we also joined Gabriel brothers for dinner to celebrate the Brotherhood Day and experienced the brotherly concern and affection.

13-10- 2017The Birthday of Mother Francisca

‘’I can do nothing without the Mercy of God”. This was the feeling and experience of our foundress Mother Francisca who is our model too. On this day we had meaningful prayer service reflecting on her sayings. The day was good. We enjoyed the day reflecting on her life style and asking mother Francisca to fill us with the same spirit she had in her life. We ended our day seeking the intersession of Mother Francisca.

15-10- 2017 Prayer Meeting

 This is the day that the Lord has made. Yes, it was God’s plan that we should come together along with lay faithful for praise and worship. As it was the plan to have the prayer service with the Lay faithful on the day of Birthday of our foundress due to unavoidable circumstances we had to postponed it. Since it was a month dedicated to our mother we also had rosary in honor of Mary our mother. We had very meaningful prayer lead by one of our parishner, Mr. Susheel Lima.  Sr. Cristina Fernandes the animator introduced and shared the life of our foundress Mother Francisca and also about our mission in India. And requested the people to pray for our congregation and our mission. We also informed to the people about the process of sainthood that has already began in Vatican. We prayed with the people the prayer of Mother Francisca also gave a copy of it with mother Franciscas’ picture on it, to those gathered for prayer. They were happy to know about our congregation, foundress and mission and most of them said that they will pray that Mother Francisca become a saint very soon. People gathered in big number around 36 attended the prayer service. It was very good gathering. After prayer we had tea party. All dispersed happily.

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