Community History

Bathalapalli is village in Anantapur district in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India, Vincent Ferrer (1920-2009) and Ann Ferrer founded Rural Development Trust in 1969.The purpose is to ensure that the persons with disabilities have access to equal opportunity, to work towards the empowerment of women by helping to improve their socio- economic status and sensitizing both men and women to deal with such issues as a gender discrimination and violence.In the year 2014 the executive Director Mrs. Ann Ferrer invited Franciscan sister of the immaculate to extend the service to the intellectually disabled children, jute center, cerebral palsy children and a sister nurse to work in the bathalapalli Hospital.This invitation was accepted by Sr. Alice P.T, Provincial and her council taking in to account the Charism of our congregation, to offer service to the poor and the disabled.The first community members were Sr. Rajamma Superior of the community, Sr. Merly and Sr. Juletha being community members.

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